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15 minute Microwave Potato Salad- Thrifty thinking

We live in Portland, anytime we see the sun its cause for some celebration. So on a nice warm day my family loves BBQ and what goes better with some hotdogs from the grill then potato salad?

The only thing is, when my kitchen is already baring heat (from that big orange thing that is usually covered up with clouds), the last thing I want to do is stand over my stove with a boiling pot of potatoes and then have to wash pots afterwords.

So, I improvised.

15 minute potato salad, no stove needed!


You will need:

*2 large bowls: One to mix your salad in and another that is microwave safe.

*Some cling wrap

*A potato masher

*A mixing spoon

*5-6 potatoes w/ or w/o skin cut up.

*¼ cup water

*2 eggs

*2tbsp dill relish

*1/3 cup diced onion

*1 cup mayo

*1tsp mustard

*1 tsp dill weed

*A microwave, (yep that’s right… everything is going in the microwave!)

Start with your 2 eggs

*In your microwave safe bowl crack and mix up your eggs.

*Cover the bowl with cling wrap and microwave for about 2 minutes.

*When the eggs look nice and done pop them out, chop them up and put them into your potato salad bowl.

Next your potatoes

*In your microwave bowl add your chopped potatoes and ¼ cup water

*Cover with cling wrap and microwave for about 10-12 minutes.

*You want your potatoes to be soft enough they fall apart with a fork.

While your waiting on your potatoes get your salad mixture ready in the bowl with your eggs add in:

*1tsp mustard

*2 tablespoons dill relish

*1 cup mayo

*1/3 cup diced onion

*1 tsp dill weed

And mix it

When your potatoes are done

*Add them into your potato salad bowl with the rest of the mixture. I keep the water with them, the extra moisture helps mash everything together better.

*Use your potato masher to get them to your desired consistency

*Cover it with some cling wrap and let it chill in your fridge.

*Once it is cool salt and pepper to taste and serve.

That’s it! Yummy, easy, potato salad all done in your microwave super quick with barely any clean up. 🙂

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May The Fourth Be With You – Geeky Parenting

ImageComing up is Star Wars Day or “May The Fourth” on, you guessed it, May 4th.

As a geeky mother of two Fanboys and wife to yet another Fanboy (or Fanman?) it was left up to me to find some creative, and lets face it, easy, ways to celebrate. Of course the first place I hit was Pintrest. If you are ever having a creative block, this IS the place to go.

*Drink some Yoda Soda Floats

Vanilla ice cream and lemon lime soda with some green food coloring

 *Snack on some Grape lightsabers

Stack grapes on skewers and then cover the end of the skewer in some foil. Easy and healthy.


*How about some Yodamole and Storm Trooper Scoopers?

 *Play with some Pool Noodle Lightsabers

Cut a pool noodle in half and use silver and black duct tape on the end to make a handle.

 *Eat some Darth Vader Pizza

Just pick up a cheese pizza for the store and simply arrange some olives in the shape of Darth Vader


*How about green peppers and some olives in the shape of a yummy Yoda?

*How about some Jedi Robes for you little geekies?

Simply pick up a large, baggy brown t shirt and tie some twine around the waist. TADA! Instant Jedi.

*And of course, don’t forget to watch the amazing movies!

If you don’t own them you can always save a few dollars by finding a used copy on amazon.

If you are looking for some more creative ways to celebrate, check out all the other amazing creations and ideas on Pintrest.

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Cover Photo Contest. – Geeky Parenting

Right now on our facebook page.

We are hosting a Cover Photo Contest. Some of our fans submitted photos our their little geekies and the winner will have their photo turned into a graphic and spotlighted on our page.

The picture with the most comments by next Sunday evening will win.

So take the time to comment on your own, or your favorite photo and make sure to share your picture with your friends and get them to vote!


Dalek Costumes for under $20 – Geeky Parenting & Thrifty Thinking

These are Daleks.


The Daleks are a powerful race bent on universal conquest and domination, utterly without pity, compassion or remorse. They have had every emotion removed, except hate and have a desire to purge the Universe of all non-Dalek life. They are the greatest enemies of the Time Lord known as the Doctor and are popularly known for their catchphrase “Exterminate!”

You will need

A large, long t shirt $4

Roll of black duct tape $3.50

At least 18 plastic eggs $3

Black spray paint $1

Basic plunger $5

Fabric adhesive $3

Start by taping off the shirt. 

I ripped my duct tape strips into halves and quarters to get the right looks and widths all across.

Do the same pattern on the back and let them connect down the sides of the shirt for an all around look.


I also cut of the sleeves of the shirts so they would appear more as an apron then a big ol’ baggy shirt and tucked the jagged edges inside and made them stick the with adhesive.


Next I tore 18 Easter eggs and half and tossed out all but two top, oval shaped, top parts. (i saved them to glue on a headband for blinky head lights) All the bottom, round, parts I spread out over a garbage bag and spray painted them black, it took about two or three coats to get them covered as well I needed.



After drying I took 9 black, egg bottoms and made three rows of three on the front of the shirt.

I used the fabric adhesive around their edges and stuck them back into place. After letting them sit for a few minutes I repeated the gluing in three rows of three on the back. I then allowed the shirts to sit overnight to make sure the glue was dry.


 (Did not realize that tiny applesauce covered hands had just wiped their war across the rug before taking this picture.)

To make the shape at the bottom (will have to remember to get a picture of it) I cut three strips of cardboard from an old box we had lying around and duct taped them into a triangular shape, with the top point facing forward. I then simply duct taped it into the bottom of the shirt and when we were done with the costume, I pulled it out and stored it.


*I also saved two oval shaped egg tops in yellow to hot glue onto a plain headband for the lights on top of their heads and was able to pick up a plain ol’ plunger for around $5.

All together my total cost for making two of these costumes was around $25. Thrifty thinking and Geeky Parenting all in one.


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Laundry Basket Baby Tub – Thrifty Thinking


This is my 10 month old Benjamin, who loves baths. The only problem is our tub, even with the grip mat, is slippery. Any water movement makes him wibbly wobbly. He then gets nervous and wants right out.

We considered buying him a seat for the tub, but weren’t liking the idea in investing in something we would only use for a couple months. So we resorted to bathing with him or only giving him a bit of water to play in.

Then the other day, while pulling him around in a laundry basket sled, i remembered something i had seen go through my newsfeed on facebook…Using a laundry basket as a baby bathtub!

Simple, perfect and he loves it! It keeps him from venturing out in the slippery tub and becoming nervous. The sides help him stay upright and there’s enough room left over for big brother in the bathtub too, so they can play together. Not to mention it gives me a reason to stop putting off folding and putting away our laundry haha.

Nickelodeon Dance 2 – Review

We are big video gaming family. The one thing we like better then a puzzle solving game to play together, is something we can get up and move with. So when we saw Nickelodeon Dance 2 I was just about as happy as my four year old. We were expecting greatness from this game, and I think it reached our expectations.


The game features 29 (weird number, why not take it to 30?) kid friendly songs and dance along buddies from popular Nick Jr. shows. My son doesn’t watch very much Nick Jr. but was still able to identify the characters from Bubble Guppies, Dora, Fresh Beat Band, Backyardigans and Team Umizoomi. We were a bit disappointed there was no Yo Gabba Gabba.

The first thing we noticed about this game was that it was somewhat hard to find. Our local Gamestop, Fred Meyers and Kmart didn’t have it. Only Walmart had it on Wii but we are 360 gamers. Luckily we were able to grab the last copy at Target. Hopefully other parents will have an easier time finding this game, or you can always keep an eye out for a used copy from Amazon for a bit cheaper. New, the game price was a nice surprise. We paid $39.99, about $20 cheaper then we expected to find it for.

On to the game.

We found the kinect controls very simple. Our son was able to start and navigate the game all on his own. (Which is something we have had trouble with in other kinect games in the past)

On screen you will see three dancing cartoons and along the bottom of the screen there is a list of dance moves that scrolls as you do them. The directions were easy for our son to follow. As you dance, you earn stars to fill a star meter and unlock new songs.

There are three levels of difficulty from “Starting Steps” to “Fancy Footwork” so if something was too easy or too hard you are able to change the levels to fit your needs.

After dancing you are rewarded with your stars and a few silly screen shots of your amazing dancing!

This game was a lot of fun. It was easy for my son to play on his on and even more fun to play together. The songs do get stuck in your head and make sure your not scrunching up your face while laying down some tricky dance moves because you will have to see a picture of it afterwords. HAHA

Overall, we loved this game and it has become a regular pick for gaming time in our house.

Have you played this game? Let us know what you thought.

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