The Birth of The Geeky Parent

Well, this project has been in talks for quite a while now and i think its finally time to start on it.

I will start off by saying i am a nerd, a geek even. I have always loved everything geeky. Big Whovian, huge comic book and superhero fan. I play video games almost daily and yes, i even attend Comic Cons in costume. Anyone who enters our home knows it. We have a enitre shelf dedicated to Halo Spartans and Elites. Our living room artwork is a Dalek Victory poster and a beautiful blue police box sits upon our shelf amongst family pictures. Our bedroom is decorated with comic books and collected Star Wars Halloween masks.

My husband is as, if not even more, geekier then myself (this has been a subject of debate) and since marrying we have had two little boys who got a double dose of the geek gene. So we are now a complete geek family.

Sunday’s have been renamed Walkers Day.

Doctor Who is a weekly family event.

We are planning themed Comic Con costumes as a family. (Pokemon?)

You get the point.

The thing is, we don’t know any other parents like us. While i may find it hilarious that my 4 year old son is pretending to regenerate in the middle of the library’s preschool reading group, the other parents are wondering if he is having some sort of attack. I try to wave them off, “no it’s cool he is a Time Lord.” Then they start staring at me like i’m nuts.

But i refuse to give up hope. I know other geek parents are out there!


So Geek Daddy and i started discussing the the idea of a blog, a place to write our hilarious stories of being geek parents, raising these little geekies in hopes that we might make someone laugh or find another geek parent.

So this is the very slow, somewhat boring, beginning of something that will be amazingly rad. We have such funny stories to share and great ideas to put into action. I’m very excited!

Please share our page and you can join in on a Geeky Parent community on facebook, just follow this very unimpressive link. (25 likes and it will look a lot better!)


Geeky Mama





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