What does Chewbacca eat?

My little geeky is a typical 4 year old. His day is full of questions, “why why why why?” Then once all his questions are answered, he goes to rest. He spends this time thinking up a days worth of questions on a new subject for the next day. Today’s theme seemed to be Star Wars. He used to space (ha, Star Wars, space) them out throughout the day. But i guess he has been really busy because it seems like anymore he waits until tuck in time to ask me 50 questions in one sentence.

Tonight i placed him in bed, mismatched pjs he picked out himself, hugging a stuffed Iron Man he won from a claw machine and that’s when the questions began.

“Is Yoda dead and why is he so old and why is he green and why does he talk like that and can Luke go back in time and not get his band cut off and do you think it hurt and do you think someone ate his hand and….?.”

(Nod and agree, nod and agree and WHAT? Ate his hand?)

When i finally answered his questions to the best of my ability he looked satisfied and ready to sleep, so i told him goodnight and i turned to leave. He stopped me at the door.

“Mom, can i ask you something really important?”

“Yeah, of course?”

“Does Chewy eat Dog Food?”

“Uhhh, i’m sure he could eat dog food if he wanted to.”

“Does he eat pizza?”

“Yup, space pizza, all the time.”

“Oh yeah? What about ice cream?”

“He loves it!”

“Mom, your lying! Chewbacca doesn’t eat any of that.”

“He doesn’t?”

“No mom, he eats butterflies, that’s what makes him so awesome. I can’t believe you didn’t know that.”

“Me either! That’s why i’m lucky to have you.”

❤ My little geeky

Thanks to a google search, just to be sure, i came across a page That confirmed what i assumed was true. “Wookiees have a very similar diet to Humans, as most are omnivorous”


❤ Geeky Mama


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