Favorite video games to play with kids, we asked you!

My little Dalek and I sat down today and made our first YouTube video.

He LOVED IT and is ready to make another!

I promised him I would let him blog this Thursday after our trip to Thing From Another World. March is Free Comics For Kids Month and so we are taking our boys.

In case you haven’t noticed we are doing a giveaway on our Facebook page to thank our fans for helping us get 100 likes! Since starting the giveaway we have more then doubled our audience. It is so awesome that there are so many other geeky parents out there and we are very proud that you are allowing us to entertain you! haha

Anyways, we asked a question on our Facebook page. We wanted to know what is your favorite video game to play with your kids and we got a lot of great answers.

Our family’s favorite games to play together are….. LEGO GAMES!

They are fun, require teamwork and a lot of puzzle solving. By far our favorite Lego game has been Lego Batman 2 with all the Super Friends. We loved the great DC superhero character choices and that the Minifigures finally have voices!

Some of you agreed that the Lego games were a lot of fun and some of the other games you guys mentioned were Wii Sports, Little Big Planet, Disney Universe, Minecraft, The Sims, and Just Dance games.

We were a little surprised we didn’t see more Super Mario or old Nintendo games come up. Those have always seemed so popular. But I think we saw a great selection of fun, kid friendly games and it gave us a couple new game ideas to try on our own.

Thank you guys for participating. We will be asking a new question here very soon and would love your responses.

Check out our YouTube video, (be nice, were new) subscribe maybe?

Also, remember to join in on our giveaway it ends Thursday, March 7th!Image


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