Skidders Shoes. Our review.

Skidders Review


Our 10 month old has just started walking and now that he is on his feet, he is insisting on walking everywhere. Preferably we would like our little one to learn to walk barefoot but, we live in Portland, and the weather here is not yet warm enough for tiny bare feet. Thus our journey to find something easy for our little one to walk around in has started.

We were having lots of trial and error. Baby shoes with hard soles were to heavy, crib shoes were not big enough, socks were, well socks. Until someone suggested Skidders. At first glance, besides them being a bit odd looking, we loved them. Bright fun print on the top, the no slip but soft soles. The brand states that their Skidder Shoes are washable, non-slip, comfortable and flexible. Exactly the qualities we were looking for.

We were able to find some at our local Fred Meyers. They were on special for $12.99 about the price of the rest of the options we have tried but, the way they were packaged we were not able to try them on in the store without ruining the packaging.

This made me a bit uneasy because chubby baby feet can sometimes be hard to fit into shoes. But we purchased them and headed home to try them out.

The first thing we noticed is that, like some socks, the inside was full of tangled, toe grabbing, rogue strings. We cut a couple extra loose and dangling ones and got the shoes on just fine. Then we let our little guy go try them out.

He loved the bright fun print and was very interested in the texture on the bottom of the shoes but walking in them proved to be a bit difficult. When he would lift his foot to take a step the heel of the shoe would slip. When he stepped back down he would step right on the raised edge of the rubber sole’s heel and it would cause him to loose his balance and trip. Also, it probably wasn’t very comfortable to keep stepping on.

He kept at it though but we found we were constantly stopping him to readjust the shoes because they kept slipping off his feet and it kept getting worse. I think the sock top must have been stretching out?

So in the end we ended up returning them and getting a gift card to go to another baby walking option. The customer service lady told us she sees a lot of Skidder shoes come back to the store.

Needless to say we were disappointed. The idea seemed great and the prints were fun. The shoe itself, besides the stringy inside, was well put together and seemed like it could last through a lot of washing. He did wander into our kitchen and we noticed the shoes grip was perfect. I wondering if maybe the shoe bottoms were too heavy and caused the Skidders to slide off the feet inbetween steps. Maybe if the sock tops were higher, like a crew cut, or if the soles were a bit lighter they would have worked a bit better?

If Skidders are something you would like to try you can find them at local retailers (Fred Meyers and Target both have them) or you can check them out on their website

Have you tried Skidders? Let us know about your experience.

What worked best for footwear when your little ones started walking?

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