Thrifty Thinking – Regrowing Veggies, Kitchen Gardening.

Did you know that you can regrow some store bought veggies in your kitchen?


We are a heavy on the veggies kind of family. We tend to go through a bunch of green onions, celery, and about a head of romaine lettuce a week (along with a lot of other yummy veggies). What’s great about these veggies in particular is that are very affordable and you can actually regrow them right in your kitchen window, year round!

It’s very simple, very quick and so much fun for the kids to watch. (We used this first try as a science lesson for our four year old son who made a hypothesis and kept an observation journal throughout the project.)

If you’ve ever planted a garden, you may already know that when you cut off the tops of lettuce and green onions, rather then pulling out the bulbs, they will grow new leaves and shoots, remarkably fast. It’s that simple, even in your kitchen window in a cup of water!

I started out with a head of red lettuce and a bunch of green onions.

I washed them then took my kitchen sheers and cut the lettuce leaves free from the stump and the green onion tops an inch or two away from their bulbs.

I placed them in a Tupperware type container with an inch or so of water. (that I changed every day) This photo was taken the morning after.


After one night the onions were already noticeably growing back.


The lettuce was a bit slower but did end up growing back as well. Every couple of days i would cut off and use the regrow then my stumps would just start growing right back. It was quite an interesting project that I think we will keep up, rather then just throwing the stumps away.


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