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Dalek Costumes for under $20 – Geeky Parenting & Thrifty Thinking

These are Daleks.


The Daleks are a powerful race bent on universal conquest and domination, utterly without pity, compassion or remorse. They have had every emotion removed, except hate and have a desire to purge the Universe of all non-Dalek life. They are the greatest enemies of the Time Lord known as the Doctor and are popularly known for their catchphrase “Exterminate!”

You will need

A large, long t shirt $4

Roll of black duct tape $3.50

At least 18 plastic eggs $3

Black spray paint $1

Basic plunger $5

Fabric adhesive $3

Start by taping off the shirt. 

I ripped my duct tape strips into halves and quarters to get the right looks and widths all across.

Do the same pattern on the back and let them connect down the sides of the shirt for an all around look.


I also cut of the sleeves of the shirts so they would appear more as an apron then a big ol’ baggy shirt and tucked the jagged edges inside and made them stick the with adhesive.


Next I tore 18 Easter eggs and half and tossed out all but two top, oval shaped, top parts. (i saved them to glue on a headband for blinky head lights) All the bottom, round, parts I spread out over a garbage bag and spray painted them black, it took about two or three coats to get them covered as well I needed.



After drying I took 9 black, egg bottoms and made three rows of three on the front of the shirt.

I used the fabric adhesive around their edges and stuck them back into place. After letting them sit for a few minutes I repeated the gluing in three rows of three on the back. I then allowed the shirts to sit overnight to make sure the glue was dry.


 (Did not realize that tiny applesauce covered hands had just wiped their war across the rug before taking this picture.)

To make the shape at the bottom (will have to remember to get a picture of it) I cut three strips of cardboard from an old box we had lying around and duct taped them into a triangular shape, with the top point facing forward. I then simply duct taped it into the bottom of the shirt and when we were done with the costume, I pulled it out and stored it.


*I also saved two oval shaped egg tops in yellow to hot glue onto a plain headband for the lights on top of their heads and was able to pick up a plain ol’ plunger for around $5.

All together my total cost for making two of these costumes was around $25. Thrifty thinking and Geeky Parenting all in one.


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Favorite video games to play with kids, we asked you!

My little Dalek and I sat down today and made our first YouTube video.

He LOVED IT and is ready to make another!

I promised him I would let him blog this Thursday after our trip to Thing From Another World. March is Free Comics For Kids Month and so we are taking our boys.

In case you haven’t noticed we are doing a giveaway on our Facebook page to thank our fans for helping us get 100 likes! Since starting the giveaway we have more then doubled our audience. It is so awesome that there are so many other geeky parents out there and we are very proud that you are allowing us to entertain you! haha

Anyways, we asked a question on our Facebook page. We wanted to know what is your favorite video game to play with your kids and we got a lot of great answers.

Our family’s favorite games to play together are….. LEGO GAMES!

They are fun, require teamwork and a lot of puzzle solving. By far our favorite Lego game has been Lego Batman 2 with all the Super Friends. We loved the great DC superhero character choices and that the Minifigures finally have voices!

Some of you agreed that the Lego games were a lot of fun and some of the other games you guys mentioned were Wii Sports, Little Big Planet, Disney Universe, Minecraft, The Sims, and Just Dance games.

We were a little surprised we didn’t see more Super Mario or old Nintendo games come up. Those have always seemed so popular. But I think we saw a great selection of fun, kid friendly games and it gave us a couple new game ideas to try on our own.

Thank you guys for participating. We will be asking a new question here very soon and would love your responses.

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