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May The Fourth Be With You – Geeky Parenting

ImageComing up is Star Wars Day or “May The Fourth” on, you guessed it, May 4th.

As a geeky mother of two Fanboys and wife to yet another Fanboy (or Fanman?) it was left up to me to find some creative, and lets face it, easy, ways to celebrate. Of course the first place I hit was Pintrest. If you are ever having a creative block, this IS the place to go.

*Drink some Yoda Soda Floats

Vanilla ice cream and lemon lime soda with some green food coloring


 *Snack on some Grape lightsabers

Stack grapes on skewers and then cover the end of the skewer in some foil. Easy and healthy.



*How about some Yodamole and Storm Trooper Scoopers?


 *Play with some Pool Noodle Lightsabers

Cut a pool noodle in half and use silver and black duct tape on the end to make a handle.


 *Eat some Darth Vader Pizza

Just pick up a cheese pizza for the store and simply arrange some olives in the shape of Darth Vader



*How about green peppers and some olives in the shape of a yummy Yoda?


*How about some Jedi Robes for you little geekies?

Simply pick up a large, baggy brown t shirt and tie some twine around the waist. TADA! Instant Jedi.

*And of course, don’t forget to watch the amazing movies!

If you don’t own them you can always save a few dollars by finding a used copy on amazon.


If you are looking for some more creative ways to celebrate, check out all the other amazing creations and ideas on Pintrest.


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