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Laundry Basket Baby Tub – Thrifty Thinking


This is my 10 month old Benjamin, who loves baths. The only problem is our tub, even with the grip mat, is slippery. Any water movement makes him wibbly wobbly. He then gets nervous and wants right out.

We considered buying him a seat for the tub, but weren’t liking the idea in investing in something we would only use for a couple months. So we resorted to bathing with him or only giving him a bit of water to play in.

Then the other day, while pulling him around in a laundry basket sled, i remembered something i had seen go through my newsfeed on facebook…Using a laundry basket as a baby bathtub!

Simple, perfect and he loves it! It keeps him from venturing out in the slippery tub and becoming nervous. The sides help him stay upright and there’s enough room left over for big brother in the bathtub too, so they can play together. Not to mention it gives me a reason to stop putting off folding and putting away our laundry haha.